Dear Patients and Families,

     Although we always prefer to see our patients in person, we also understand that coming into the office can sometimes make it harder to make and keep appointments. In order to make our care more accessible to you, we are now offering you an opportunity to connect with your provider through our telehealth program for some appointments. Telehealth uses live or real-time video and sound to connect you with your provider. The provider will be using a computer, but you can use either a computer or a smartphone.

     We are offering this service as an option to you since it might make seeing your provider easier for you. This service eliminates the need to rely on transportation or the burden of travel time which could take you or your child away from work or school for an extended period of time. It also has the added benefit of reducing your exposure to anyone in the office who may be sick. 

     The telehealth visit is the same as an office visit in every other way. Copays still apply, and the telehealth appointment is private. We use secure software to connect you with your provider, and we never record visits. During the visit, you will see the provider but you may see other staff as well as they may check you in or collect other information after your visit is complete.

     Please let us know if you have questions regarding this service. If you are interested in setting up a telehealth appointment, we will be happy to provide more details about the video platform & instructions for success.


Colleen, Caitlin, Kaylee & the Kingstown Pediatrics Staff