Covid Info

Covid-19 Testing

School aged children are encouraged to utilize the no cost testing resources provided by the Department of Health. They offer both rapid and PCR testing at 16 different locations, 7 days a week. The Pre K-12 COVID-19 test scheduling service is open to students and staff in Pre K-12 schools and the child care community. 

     To schedule one of these tests online, click here. You may also call 844-857-1814.

We do offer both rapid and PCR testing in the office. However, due to limited supply we will only conduct rapid testing on patients who are being evaluated in the office with symptoms.

To schedule a PCR test outside in your vehicle, or rapid/PCR in the office, please contact the office.

Dependent on your insurance provider, you may be subject to a normal office copay for any of the aforementioned visits.

Useful Links

We understand that the past year has been stressful and confusing for everyone, here is some information our providers feel families could find useful during these times:

We also understand information on internet can be intimidating. In which case, please feel free to call the office with any further COVID-19 related questions.