Expecting Parents


You and your infant are ready to embark on a lifelong adventure. There will be moments of happiness, sorrow, pride, anger, elation and despair-all of these will contribute to the growth of your relationship as a parent and child.

You have the privilege and responsibility of bringing a new life into this world, and providing and environment in which both parent and child will thrive and develop. We share your joy and enthusiasm and look forward to many years of providing care and support to you and your new family.

Prenatal Visits

Prenatal Visits to our office by expectant parents are encouraged and can be arranged with our office. This visit allows you to:

  • Find out where we are
  • Meet us
  • Have any of your baby care questions answered
  • Inform us of any family health problems that run in either side of your family that might affect your baby


Please call our office, or contact us for a prenatal visit.